Balinese Stone Beautifully Carved Base Birdbath

Balinese stone beautifully carved base with a round top birdbath

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Size: Height: 39” | Dia: 30”
Material: Bali Stone (Balinese stone)

Stone or Marble birdbaths can enhance both visual elements and even functional elements of a garden. Garden stone or marble birdbaths if situated in the right place can invite beautiful birds into your garden without risking any vandalism to your plants. At Stone Art we have a vast range of stone & marble bird baths which suits all types of garden, each one has its own unique attraction, quality, and character. So if you are looking to add that extra something to set your landscape off, consider a garden stone or marble birdbath. We specialize in customization of any kind of stone or marble birdbath in any size with choices of stone or marble.


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