Geometric design Screen And Jali red stone

Pretty Red stone ( Agra Red sandstone ) wall panel, the astonishing border with a polygonal shape jali pattern.

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Size: Ht:84” | W:30” | Thick:2”
Material: Red stone ( Agra Red sandstone )

A jali is a term for a perforated stone, usually with an ornamental pattern constructed through the use of hand carving. This form of architectural decoration is commonly used in Indo-Islamic architecture. These Jalis or screens can be used as decorative art pieces or privacy screens. These intricately hand-carved jalis or screens can be used indoors in living spaces for privacy walls, or as a focal point on walls or corners and for exteriors, they can work as partition walls on boundaries or near pool or elsewhere. At Stone Art, we specialize in customization of any kind of screen or jali in any size with choices of stone or marble.


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