Indian traditional carved stone Gazebo

Dholpur stone (Bansi Paharpur Pink Stone) Gazebo or “Baradari”, inspired by the Mughal architecture. Highly intricate carving done by experienced artisans to create this beautiful work of art.

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Size: Ht:120” | W:180” | Depth:132”
Material: Dholpur stone (Bansi Paharpur Pink Stone)

Select from our vast collection of garden gazebos which are highly practical, they can be very stylish as well. Gazebos are perfect garden additions, a great place for entertainment and socialization. The great design combines with impressive and intricate workmanship to create a superb variety of gazebos; they can shelter a table and chairs, a barbecue or hot tub, or protect any kind of small gathering from being affected by bad weather or maybe enjoying beautiful weather. These marvelous hand-carved Gazebos are ideal to use in gardens or open spaces. At Stone Art, we specialize in customization of any kind of gazebo in any size with choices of stone or marble.


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