Jharokha style jali window

Dholpur stone ( Bansi Paharpur Pink Stone ) gate, traditionally carved borders with grids and petals, the middle section highlighted with multi-foil arch and flowers jaali with the grid.

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Size: Ht:36” | W:26” | Depth:6”
Material: Dholpur stone ( Bansi Paharpur Pink Stone )

A jharokha is a traditional design element used in the architecture of Rajasthan and Rajasthani Havelis. It is also common in Indo-Islamic architecture. Jharokhas projection forward from the wall plane could be used both for adding to the architectural beauty of the building itself or for a specific purpose. Select from our vast collection of jharokhas, the great design combines with impressive and intricate workmanship to create a superb piece of art. At Stone Art, we specialize in customization of any kind of jharokha in any size with choices of stone or marble.


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