Ornate doorway indian Yellow teak stone

Dholpur stone ( Bansi Paharpur Pink Stone ) arch, multifoil arch beautifully craved with the leaves, branches, and flower with the division of sections on pillar carved with the spiral branches and vertical sections.

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Size: Ht:84” | W:68” | Depth:8”
Material: Dholpur stone ( Bansi Paharpur Pink Stone )

Stone/Marble Gates, Arch Sets & enclosures surrounds can be created in any design and expertly manufactured in our factory, with our highly skilled craftsmen. At Stone Art we have extensive experience in working with all these types of building development including high-value houses, self-build projects, hotels, and other commercial premises. Our team works jointly with the architect, developer or homeowner to ensure the product arrives as perfect as expected. We have an in-house design team always available to discuss designs and there is also the option for us to offer a site consultation with a member of our team.


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